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Green Power. Green Mining.

Join the Himari Miners’ Club as a member and enjoy unlimited access to:
  • Easy to use, powerful miner-monitoring software.
  • The Miner Marketplace where you can safely buy and sell Himari Energy hosted miners.
  • Our dedicated member forum to chat and learn online 24/7
  • The crypto Market Portal with news, insights & info seamlessly displayed
AND for if you are one of our valued hosted customers you will also have access to
  • A detailed billing portal to conveniently track usage and pay invoices
  • Himari Energy miner monitoring software to track performance in real-time, update pools and perform re-boots.

How to become a member

Join our miners club by clicking the link below or host a miner with us and receive free access to the portal for as long as you host a miner with us

Miner's Club Monthly

  • Market Portal
  • Miner Monitoring
  • Member Forum
  • Billing Portal
  • Energy Monitoring

$29 AUD inc gst