Himari Energy launches green power, green crypto mining

Australian technology innovator Himari Energy today launched its green-powered crypto mining marketplace which could shape a new future for investors developing their mining portfolios.

The Sydney-based company offers ethical crypto mining using efficient, renewable solar power. Buyers purchase ASIC miners from Himari, or bring their own, and have them hosted, operational, monitored, and potentially recycled and sold on later through a secure online marketplace.

Himari hosts crypto miners at dedicated sites only within Australia, mostly on the east coast, all sustainably powered by solar energy.

All hosting information is deliberately transparent, so clients can closely track their miner’s energy usage in real-time and are only charged for the energy they use.

It’s a model developed by Himari to offer a fair playing field for investors who want to start crypto mining but don’t want to be a contributor to climate change.

Himari founder Peter Gardiner who heads up a leadership team with decades of experience in construction, solar energy, and financial services says the company is on a mission to support Australia to meet reduced emissions targets while also returning a profitable and ethical return to investors.

“Investors strategically entering the crypto market now while prices are low can take advantage of lower miner costs and less demand for hosting slots – basically a lot less waiting time,” says Gardiner.

Gardiner says with electricity prices skyrocketing, it is expensive to mine crypto at home anywhere in Australia.

“Even most commercial properties don’t have the rates that we do. Our power pricing is stable because we utilise solar to reduce our costs and manage our exposure to energy spot price market,” he said.

He said the company was built around a customer service ethic to de-mystify crypto mining and make it accessible to all types of investors.

“Along with an online marketplace we have a full-service portal for clients to see what is happening with their miner 24/7 – they can really see under the hood,” Gardiner said.

“We won’t let customers buy miners if there is no hosting space for them, so they don’t have to wait months to get up and running. We already have miners in stock able to be purchased and deployed in our data centres for hosting within 24 hours.”

“People don’t want to order a miner and then be waiting weeks or months to have it arrive and installed, because the market could have changed dramatically by then,” Gardiner said.

Part of Himari’s core business is commercial and domestic solar installations with battery storage, catering to a contemporary lifestyle for a future with electric vehicles – but also able to power crypto mining.

“Himari provides solar power to businesses and homes currently drawing power from the traditional power grid – increasing the size of our systems to create our own excess power supply which we use for cryptocurrency mining throughout the day during the peak periods,” Gardiner said.

“Any solar energy not used by the crypto miners is provided back to the grid.

“In the evenings, when demand is lower, Himari has partnered with other renewable energy companies that can continue to provide us with efficient, renewable and carbon neutral power,” he said.

He said the company wanted to contribute to energy conservation and sustainability in as many ways as possible. “We have also committed to donating a portion of all energy generated to charity and not-for-profits.”

“Himari is on a mission to promote renewable energy through the power of the blockchain, supporting Australia and the world to meet reduced emissions targets, all while earning a profitable and ethical return for our clients through crypto mining.”