Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Kit C2

$4,680.00 inc. GST

C2 Tank Technical Specification


Outer Size 455(L)*508(W)*536(H)mm
Inner Size 398(L)*298(W)*392(H)mm
Net Weight 40.6kg/89.5Ib
Coolant volume 80L
Input voltage Single-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
Power 180W(220V 50Hz)
Display 1.32”OLED Screen
Noise 45dB(A)
Inlet/Outlet Temp 45/60℃

C2 Dry Cooler Technical Specification


Size 1076(L)*285(W)*531(H)mm
Power 5-400W(220V 50Hz)
Input Voltage Single-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
Net weight 43.3kg/95.5Ib
Intelligent speed tuning Automatically adjust the speed according to the temperature
Cooling Capacity 12kW@35℃
Noise 68dB(A) 10m
EC Fan 2 pcs

Accessories Product Specification


Pipeline 5m*2
Fan Simulator 4 pcs
Oil Filling Pump 1 set
Miner Handle 4 pcs (Antminer)
Gasket 8 pieces
User Manual 1 pcs
12V Power Adapter 1 pcs
Sticker 1 pcs

Electrical Questions:

What is the connection method of the C2 power supply?

The mining rigs in C2 is directly connected to the power supply or PDU at home, and the tank and dry cooler are connected through standard C13 connectors.

What is the operating logic of the C2 fan? Can it be adjusted automatically?

Our C2 uses an EC fan to adjust the speed according to the temperature of the oil entering the tank (dry cooler oil temperature).There are 2 modes to choose (the mode is changed by a button inside the waterproof junction box outside the dry cooler).Press the button down is HEATING mode (waste heat utilization mode) 41.3℃ to start the dry cooler, 49.7℃ to maximize the dry cooler speed. Press the button up is NORMAL mode (normal operation mode), 20.5℃ to start the dry cooler, 28.9℃ to maximize the dry cooler speed.

How long is the pipeline for the C2 tank?

We provide two 5m pipeline as standard, and we also support customizing other lengths for a fee.

Will the tank automatically power on after a power outage?

Following a power outage, the tank is unable to initiate an automatic startup and necessitates manual activation by clicking on the screen.

Parameter Questions:

How noisy is the C2 system?

The C2 tank noise about 45dB, the dry cooler will reach 68dB(A) 10m at full speed.

What is the size of the C2 pump?

With an input voltage of 220V 50Hz, the pump has a power of 150W, and the maximum flow rate for circulating the Coolant is 36L/min, with a maximum head of 10m.

What is the C2 pipeline connector size?

C2 pipeline connector size is DN25 (External thread diameter Pipeline diameter 32mm).


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